June 10, 2011

The Adventures of The Great Shampoo Bar Experiment Take 2

This is my hair after over a month using a shampoo bar -
but prior to using the latest shampoo bar without palm. 
(I am not very photogenic, so I try to avoid any situations where photographs might be involved-thus the hair only shot.)

This is just a little bar end I took on our trip to wash my hair with
Check out the prolific lather with the use of soft water

During our whirlwind trip to the hill country, we were excited to note that the water was soft(as opposed to the hard mineral laden water we have at home.) The funny thing was that even though the water was soft-the daily shower was like being sandblasted. (Yes, there is such a thing as too much water pressure.)Yikes! Anyway, despite having to strategically direct the forceful water where it would make the least discomfort-it was interesting to note how the soap reacted to the difference in water. Not only were the bubbles quite a bit more prolific than at home, the sf was also more pronounced-leaving our skin nice and conditioned for the day.


Heirloom Natural Soap/The Soap Sister said...

NOT PHOTOGENIC?? I don't believe it for a minute, Missy! And that HAIR! C-U-T-E! I love that cut, it's awesomely easy, isn't it?
Love the bubbles from soft water, it really is wonderful. (Your hair looks great & seems to have mucho body -always good!)~Becky

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Oh Believe! Me + photos=not pretty.
I have loads of hair and yes it is quite wavy. It is an easy cut as long as I get it cut like every 4 wks. as it should be, but that doesn't always happen-if it gets a bit long then it is just wild and heavy.

Thanks sister for the kind hair comments-you are just such a sweety and always have just the right thing to say. xoxo
to you!