March 8, 2013

Sleeping Beauty Turqoise-Beautiful!!

I love, love, love this shave brush,it's exquisite. Beautiful chocolaty wood inlaid with authentic Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The turquoise just pops against the dark brown wood. This lovely shave brush features a thin inlaid band of turquoise at the knot end with a coin sized inlay on the bottom-beautifully crafted. This brush will be listed on Etsy soon!


Caitlin - Revive Bath & Body said...

Your pictures are always beautiful! Hope you are doing well.

Anne-Marie said...

Wow! It's super gorgeous. I love the inlaid turquoise, it really gives it that pop of color that makes it unique.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Hey guys,so good to have you pop by. Caitlin,what a great opportunity to visit Australia-you lucky girl.Hope you had a fantastic time.

Ann-Marie,Thank you so much.I am loving the brushes with inlay. They are all turning out so pretty it's hard to let them go.I hope they customers will enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them.