September 12, 2011

Save the Date

Save the date - September 14, 2011 Tierra Verde Handmade Soaps will be participating in the Homespun:Houston Handmade Marketplace (see this post for further information) fundraiser for which donations will be made to the  American Red Cross of  Central Texas in an effort to assist those affected by the devastating wildland fires of Central Texas. I hear the art is ranging from the "fine to crafty to quirky." Sounds like a fun time all the way around, and your purchase goes towards an area of great need-that my friends is a win/win. So, don't forget to pop by the marketplace on Wednesday September 14, 2011 to check things out.

Oh!and if you are an artist/crafter with an online shop of any kind whether it be Etsy, Zibbit, Artfire, Big Cartel or your own Indie shop-please consider joining us. To get in on this fun and eclectic one day marketplace  you can contact Bri at Homespun:Houston Handmade for further details.