December 12, 2012

New! Build Your Own Gift Set

Just listed this "Build Your Own" Gift Set $72

Give the man in your life a beautiful handcrafted shave brush made just for him. Select from these beautiful hardwoods-

Black Walnut - an American Hardwood-chocolaty brown with striking gold highlights.
Maple "Quilted" - a light colored wood with a "rumpled quilt" pattern effect in the grain.
Bubinga-red with purple to black streaks
Purple Heart-purple medium texture with small pores
Zebra-dark stripes on a light golden background

Each custom handcrafted brush will be topped with a 25mm Silvertip Badger Knot- (very well packed fan shaped with extra hair.)

Each shave brush handle is hand turned with great care by us here at Tierra Verde Handmade Soaps- most often it’s my husband, but on occasion I get in on the action too. No two shave brush handles are exactly alike-we do not use a duplicator and this means that each brush has slightly unique dimensions and traits.

We opted to turn our own shave handles, so that we could put together a truly artisan gift set for our customers. We are learning so much about wood and the different qualities, as well as what a truly beautiful media it is to work with. We’ve quickly come to love and appreciate the beauty and unique nature of each turned piece.

We purchase shaving knots that are made of high quality Silvertip Badger hair. Silvertip comes from the neck hair of the badger, and is very soft and suitable for men with sensitive skin. Badger hair has been used for 100’s of years to make the very finest shaving brushes. The bristles are hand sorted and filled-each one is a bit idiosyncratic due to its handmade nature. Badger hair absorbs water and is the standard for applying the most comfortable, moist and penetrating lather.

This beautiful handcrafted shaving brush is finished with Boiled Linseed Oil and CA(Cyanoacrylate) and polished to a natural sheen.

Each custom brush will measure approx-
Overall Height-4.5"
Knot Size-25mm

Select a shave soap

Olive Oil with Goat's Milk
Vanilla Patchouli
Clove-sold out

More options coming soon......