April 25, 2013

Have I Got A Deal For You-Father's Day Special Pricing

This beautifully handcrafted Black Walnut Shave brush with Sleeping Turquoise Inlay and Super Silvertip Badge shave knot is discounted 20% due to a very slight imperfection. This shave brush has a slight wobble when it sits on end. Theoretically shave brushes should hang upside down and won't sit on end,but because we feel it's just a tad imperfect our loss is your gain.  Pair this with some shave soap and this would still be a spectacularly fine Father's Day gift-drop me a line if you are interested. 

Beautifully handcrafted Black Walnut Shave Brush with Abalone Inlay and Super Silvertip Badger shave knot is also discounted 20% due to slight imperfection. This brush also has a very slight wobble when it sits on end, again, theoretically a shave brush almost never sits on end(they should dry upside down). This handsome lovingly made brush is priced at $78.40+shipping. This brush paired with shave soap will make a memorable Father's Day gift. Holler if you're interested.