March 27, 2011

Playing A-round

Clockwise from top- Peppermint Pumice Buffing Round, Olive Oil and Goat's Milk Shaving Round, Clove Shaving Round, Warm Cedar Shaving Round

Four Rounds because I love how they look

A  pile of rounds

While trying to get photos of soap for my website I took a few minutes to play a-round. I love how all these colors look together -  how organic and real they are.  I love the light and shadows.  I love how rounds are so perfect. They make me happy! : ))


Jennifer Young said...

I love the look of these as well. What do you use for your round mould? I absolutly love the natural, wholesome and clean-cut look of your soaps lately. xo Jen

Splurge Sisters said...

These are so pretty and clean looking and perfectly cut too.

Teresa said...

Looking good!
Last year, I purchased some pvc pipe to make round soap with and never made it.
You have inspired me again!

Alegria MediterrĂ¡neo Natura said...

Nice soap´s!
Beautiful day !