November 7, 2011

It's Time to Load Up

Citrus Honey Hand Balms - 1oz. $7.00 in re-usable metal tin

A pile of fresh all natural hand balms ready to go! These all natural hand balms come in four delicious scents- Lemon Honey, Citrus Honey, Lavender Honey and Honey. Give Santa a hand by taking advantage of our $7.00 flat rate shipping.

Hand Balms are made with fabulously moisturizing and nutritive ingredients to take care of hands in urgent need of moisture and repair.Great for travel, the office or your purse. Simply warm between hands and apply to areas that need special attention-beeswax forms a protective seal to hold in moisture.These balms are also great for your lips, elbows, feet and cuticles.


Amy Warden said...

Great stuff for the winter months!! I know my hands need extra TLC this time of year. The scents sound wonderful!