November 1, 2011

Just Listed!

Tree Hugger - 4.5 ounces $6.00

Tree Hugger- an arboreal blend of eucalyptus and cedar perfect for any tree hugger. This blend smells like cedar after a rain; smoky, spicy and slightly sweet with a hint of camphor.Unisex

 Barley and Hops-Fall Edition 2011 4.5 ounces $6.00

Barley and Hops- Fall Edition- Autumn-the season for tailgating, football games, the glowing orange orb of the Harvest Moon, bon fires that light up the West Texas sky, and the crackle of fallen leaves. The nutty maltiness of a fine Nut Brown Ale is complimented with an earthy yet zesty blend of  Lime, Patcholi and Clove- a perfect expression of Autumn.

Cinnamon Cajeta-4.5 ounces $6.00

Cinnamon Cajeta - a rich caramelly goat's milk base with a decadent speckling of vanilla bean aromatically complimented with hint of cinnamon. Perfectly delicious!

Just listed and there are only a few! Pick yours up today-remember that now through January we have $7.00 flat rate shipping making it easy to load up on bar soaps, shave rounds and all natural hand balms! Shop now!


Tara said...

I love the look of this soap, Michele, and it sounds like it smells wonderful.

innerearthsoaps said...

This sounds really lovely Michele!

Jennifer Young said...

How did you get that GORGEOUS reddish colour?? Beautiful photos and lovely descriptions. xo Jen