December 30, 2011

It's Been A While

A soapy line up in the winter sun.

It's been a while since there has been even a semblance of soapiness on this blog and I apologize. I did take just a bit of time today to play with a new prop I recently received- it's a very cool wine crate don't you think? You might just see it around on my market table here and there.


Jennifer Young said...

I love looking at photos of your soaps. Very nice crate. Happy New Year and Happy Soaping!! xo Jen

Amy Warden said...

Very cool crate! Hope you have a very Happy New Year, my friend! :)

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Hey friends,so good to hear from you.Things have been eerily quiet on the blogging front lately huh?

Wishing you both a year of peace,light and prosperity in 2012!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

You motivate me soap and photo wise. This year I will strive to be more like Tierra!

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Donna,so glad you stopped by for a visit.Photography is a skill you can learn for sure.I still have a ways to go-I always kind of had that interest and when the passion for soap took over I was even more inspired for others to see soap as an art form.I read a lot and practiced and-still a long way to go,but the journey is so rewarding.

Btw,what a gift you have my friend.Your humorous writings rock.If only I could express my thoughts the as effortlessly.I think your gift is innate-not so easily learned.