December 18, 2011


Recently, the folks over at Tiny Texas Houses hosted an essay contest-the grand prize=a Tiny Texas House of course! Tiny Texas Houses link the future to the past by utilizing materials from salvaged buildings to create new and sustainable tiny houses.Tiny Texas houses are about so much more than the obvious,they are about keeping American craftsmanship and ingenuity alive, self reliance, reclaiming valuable resources,affordability, and kindness to our planet through a more sustainable way of life...

I thought I would share with you my submission. I put a lot of thought into what a Tiny Texas House means to me-and some day I know I will make one of these lovely abodes Home.

 "Upon first reading about the Tiny Texas House concept, I’ve felt a magnetic sort pull to a more authentic lifestyle. A genuine lifestyle connected to the simple things; like the land, the trees, and the sky above. I long for the chance for time to slow down, to experience the wonder of a sprouting seed transforming into an edible delight. I love that I can put this beautiful abode, in the perfect spot where the dappled sunlight greets the dewy morning grasses and the evening sky signals a hush over the land. While clearly a Tiny Texas House is small in stature – it’s big in ways that can’t be bought. A Tiny Texas house is not a ball and chain that tethers itself to its owner. A Tiny Texas House is symbolic of less means more-more freedom to live the life I was meant to live – with more time to explore the world around, more time to give to others, more time to contemplate my purpose. Day by day, I feel the layers of years of responsibility evaporate until they are but a light and gentle mist. I flourish within the aged walls as they insulate me from the noise of the world outside. The floor beneath my feet grounds me with its past. The simplicity of this life nourishes my soul. I feel at HOME."