January 27, 2012

Exposing my Nerdism

Earlier this week, I was approached about being the subject of my friend Donniece's blog post for this week. I was both flattered and  honored(and a little mortified) as she gently nudged me in the direction of a photo of myself for her blog.Ugh! A photo was not a requirement,but it was instead a very gentle nudge towards stepping outside my box. I am by nature a very humble introvert happy to work quietly on my art behind the scenes. I knew the day was coming that a photo would be necessary-all my soap blog buddies are out of the closet and I knew there would come a day that I could no longer hide behind my passion-I would have to come out...what I'm saying is "thanks Donniece" for the gentle nudge.

My name is Michele, and I am a NERD. Yep, ask my kids they'll tell you-I've developed a voracious appetite for all things soap- I spend untold hours reading soap blogs, researching the latest trends, looking at beautifully photographed soapy images, I often lie in bed awake pondering the intricacies of my next creation...I've got it baaaad folks.My friend describes my nerdism(bless her) in the kindest of ways, read on as Donniece goes a bit more in depth in this week's blog post The Art and Harmony of Soap.

Thanks Donniece, for taking the time to write this fun blog post and even more for nudging me to stretch myself.


Tara said...

Great article, Michele. I loved how you described the colours of natural soap as the colours of a canyon wall. Beautiful and perfectly described.

Amy Warden said...

Great job, Michele! Looks like you even got an order out of the deal - even better!!!