January 30, 2012

This is What Happens When I Can't Sleep

Well, here it is 12:30 a.m. and I'm wide awake, so I thought I'd share yet another excerpt from "100 Simple Secrets of Successful People" with you. This excerpt comes from Chapter 75 entitled-"If You Doubt, You're Out" this particular chapter must have been written just for me. I recognize this oh so familiar pattern that I've been caught up in for YEARS, but the good news is that Im'a working on it.

"Confidence is like a helpful virus spreading throughout your body. If you have it, it will infect everything you do in a positive way. If you don't, it will undermine everything you do. 

People who lack confidence not only fear doing things they are not good at, they actually start to fear performing tasks in which they excel because they question whether they're all that good at anything. 

Confidence spreads from successes, and lack of confidence multiplies with failures. If your confidence falters, turn to what you do best, and then take on more challenging tasks."

It helps me to see the analogy of self doubt being the petri dish for fear to grow and fester, and I love the imagery of confidence being a "good virus" or the super hero that fans out infecting and taking over the evil cooties of self doubt. Mwahahaha!



twobloomsdesignstudio said...

Wow, what a great excerpt. Thanks for posting this.