March 1, 2013

Necessity is the "Mother of Invention"

Handcrafted (in house) Black Walnut Shave Brush w/ 20.5mm Silvertip Badger knot (Best)

Zebrawood handcrafted shave brush with 25mm Silvertip Badger shave knot $75.00

 So they say that necessity is the "Mother of Invention," I've been drooling over some Annie Sloan paints for awhile dreaming of all sorts of lovely surfaces,but just can't let loose of the $$. Instead, I broke out the fabric dye and gave a surface that I wasn't wild about a "makeover." I was hoping it would have that old pine plank flooring look. I think it came out pretty well-the distressed areas were already there,so I didn't have to add that myself.

This Black Walnut shave brush has just been listed on Etsy. Handcrafted Black Walnut Shave Brush $60.00-Oil finished,this means oil will need to be re-applied on occasion to keep it in good shape. Knot is 20.5 Silvertip Badger (Best) quality.