March 4, 2013

Wet Shaving Growing in Popularity?

Wet shaving, once a tradition passed down from father to son seems to be making an “underground” comeback of sorts. While perhaps still a bit “under the radar” more and more “hipsters” are acknowledging the benefits of the traditional wet shave. Perhaps this resurgence of tradition can be contributed to the following factors.

1)      Those who wet shave understand that wet shaving is actually better for your skin. A proper wet shave is far less irritating and thus far more healthy for the skin. Many “natural” products are available that contain nutritive ingredients to comfort, soothe, and protect sensitive facial skin.
2)      Wet shaving with a safety razor is cost effective, after the initial cost of the razor itself (safety razors can be found in a wide variety of price ranges) razors are very inexpensive over time.
3)      Consider the environmental impact. Disposable razors are meant to be used once and tossed; typically a safety razor can be used a few times before the blades will need to be replaced. Blades versus whole plastic disposable razor equal less waste. Using a more natural shaving product greatly reduces hazardous run off and they are often considerably more skin friendly than canned aerosol products.
4)      A traditional “wet shave” is a way of treating yourself to a healthy morning ritual. A few minutes to take care of yourself. Applying shave soap via a shaving brush smells nice, luxurious lather is relaxing as well as skin nurturing. Lifting the whiskers results in a closer shave.

Steps to a proper wet shave

1)      Hydrate your beard; wet shaving is best done “after” a shower. Wet hair means weaker hair and less pulling and irritation. If is shower is not conducive prior to your shave be sure to take the time to wet your beard well with hot water to open pores and allow hair to weaken. Shave with the grain, not against-find the grain by feeling your beard, some beards are swirly and this means shaving in several different directions. Shaving with the grain will mean fewer nicks and cuts and reduces ingrown hairs and razor bumps-far easier on sensitive skin.
2)      Create and apply lather. Wet your shave brush working up a lather using good shave soap-good shave soap will most often contain some sort of clay to allow a good “slip” for your razor to glide across. Use a swirling action to apply lather to beard-this helps lift the whiskers and prepares them for the razor to pick them up. The swirling action allows for the various growth patterns of whiskers.
3)      A double edged safety razor is the “typical” razor of choice. The double edged razor’s gradual reduction of beard is key to less irritation. Be sure to use very light passes (typically 3) and adjust for best optimal angle.
4)      Aftershave comes in liquid, balm or gel and there are many “all natural” formulas that contain conditioning oils such as hemp, vitamin e, and various essential oils with clean soothing properties. Essential oils contribute wonderful natural antimicrobial/soothing properties to shave soaps as well as aftershave.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soaps features several shave soaps in our line up, something for everyone.

Olive Oil with Goat’s Milk- a soap for the purist made especially for the person prefers a conditioning without scent. Loaded with goodness-Olive Oil(a fabulous conditioner), Goat’s Milk (also for conditioning) and like all the new shave soaps-Aloe Vera Juice (for great bubbly lather.) White Kaolin adds a fine slip allowing your razor to glide across the surface of your skin easily.

Tea Tree- soap for those that like “hardcore” clean. Tea Tree possesses a strong medicinal scent, and touts a wealth of benefits that make it perfect for shave soap. As with all Tierra Verde Handmade Soap shave soaps, Tea Tree contains a nutritive base comprised of skin loving ingredients such as Olive Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Coconut Oil and Castor. White Kaolin is also added to provide “slip” for your razor.

Lavender-herbaceous with a balsamic woody undertone; a fresh clean floral. I love Lavender because while it is a floral it isn’t a cloyingly sweet floral, making it a perfect floral for men also. As with all TVHS shave soaps, Lavender shave soap features a fabulous base of Olive Oil that nurtures your skin while Castor forms a satisfying lather that is given a fine slip with the help of White Kaolin clay. Rumor has it that sometimes wives “borrow” Lavender shave soap from their husbands. 

 "I admit," I stole" a Lavender shave round of yours intended for my hubbie and use it for my legs! Loving it!"

      One dismayed husband = one happy wife (and one new Tierra Verde shave soap customer.) lol!

Menthe- a skin bracing blend of mints; slightly tingly and very refreshing. Clean and white with flecks of green in a traditional shave round. Olive Oil provides a gentle emollient base, while Aloe Vera Juice adds a vibrant lather + extra conditioning. White Kaolin adds “slip” for easy razor glide. The results are a clean, aromatic shaving experience.

Clove- Warm and spicy clove, what more can I say. While Clove is an essential oil that should be used judiciously, a little is all you need to get that lovely spicy hint of Clove. This soap boasts the same fine conditioning base as all the shave soaps, Olive Oil, Castor, Coconut and Aloe Vera Juice create bountiful lather that makes shaving a pleasure.

Vanilla Patchouli-Release your inner hippie; experience a blend of dark sultry Indonesian Patchouli warmed with a lashing of rich warm vanilla creating a delectably earthy unisex scent. I’ll let this customer’s feedback speak for itself.

“I love your soaps. Every time my husband showers with the Vanilla-Patchouli in the morning, it makes me smile. I loooove the gentle smell of the patchouli. Very gentle and warm instead of overpowering. "