February 28, 2013

Tips and Tricks for a Great Wet Shave...Guest Post

 Handcrafted Bubinga wood shave brush by Tierra Verde Handmade Soaps

Wet shaving makes a  comeback... get tips and tricks for a great shaving experience over at the Soaps by Nature blog. Soaps by Nature is stocked up with the complete line of Tierra Verde Shave Soaps and is convenient to anyone in the Wisconsin/Northern U.S.

February 24, 2013

Lavender Anise

Lavender Anise-3.75oz. $5.50+shipping

If you think you'd like some Lavender Anise swirly soap drop me a line. This small play batch is ready to go.

February 21, 2013


 Old industrial drain soap dish found on Pinterest-I apologize I was unable to track the original source.

 Mystery soap dish side no.1

with soap,it's perfect.....

Mystery soap dish side no. 2

it's an awesome soap dish....

Okay, I admit it, I go to Pinterest and browse the soap dishes- yep it's true. There are oodles of soap dishes on Pinterest, most of them what I would consider "ornamental." You know very pretty, but not so practical. You see, I have rather strict criteria for what makes a practical soap dish. Aficionado's of handmade soap know that DRAINAGE is key to longer lasting soap-right? Sadly, it seems to me, that most soap dishes are not created with this in mind. Now, I suppose if your goal is to simply keep soap within reach and residue off the counter, your average decorative soap dish is perfectly suited,but no holes=no drainage(gasp!) With this in mind, I am always on the look out for unusual, practical and even better re-purposed items that would make the perfect soap dish-thus the old commercial drain in all it's patina'd rustic industrial beauty. I also love that it is somewhat weighty, not breakable(although it might break your toe if you were to accidentally drop it in the shower.) There are holes for drainage-lots of drainage, it's symmetrical,architectural,rustic and perfectly practical, aaaand it reminded my of this mystery item I have that I'm convinced is the perfect soap dish. I snagged this item from a friend several years ago just as my love of soap was blossoming-I immediately recognized it's potential. Anyway, the question here is what is it really? Any ideas? In my mind,  there is not doubt it belongs on a bathroom counter holding a beautiful handmade soap-it's future is secure, but I am curious as to what it was in it's previous life. Was it a floral frog, a spacer, farm implement??? Any ideas???

February 20, 2013

Earthy,Cozy Treasury

'EARTH' by claylicious

Women linen tunic, oversized...

Log Bite Number 1

gemstone necklace briolette ...

Orange chain necklace infini...

Double Diamond Cassette Tape...

Handmade wool felted slipper...

Nina Waited Patiently for Sp...

Orange Honey Drizzle with Oa...

Soldered Glass Circle Baby&#...

Pheasant Feather Lavender Sa...

Earth Tone Barrette, Sea She...

Vintage Leather Tote / 1970s...

Set of 6 - Heat treated stac...

Food Photography, Kitchen De...

Turquoise Green Agate Neckla...

I am going to find a happy p...

Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Shaving In Style

Handcrafted Bubinga Wood Shave Brush

Handcrafted Quilted Maple Shave Brush

We get asked if we offer wholesale on these gorgeous handcrafted shave brushes, and we do, however it is important to allow some time for your order to be completed. This is a part time endeavor for the Mister who also has a full time job-but I promise they are soooo worth the wait-his craftsmanship is second to none!!! Typical turn around is 1-2 weeks. Also, once the "exotics" we have in stock are gone we will be crafting only with American Hardwood that we know is sustainable. These would include so far the Quilted Maple, and Black Walnut that we have in  stock-we will be offering a wider range in the very near future.

I should all handcrafted shave brushes are crafted at the time of order. Each lovingly individually without the aid of a duplicator!! Each one is slightly idiosyncratic in a lovely handmade way, varying in size and form just a bit-no two are exactly alike. Love that!!

I also have to say that the Quilted Maple is so beautiful-it sort of thrills me to take a gander every now and then. ;-)

February 18, 2013

Still Stamping

Lemongrass with Calendula


Peppermint with Vanilla Bean

I just finished stamping all the batches that are about to go out to a lovely little wholesale account. Stamping isn't something I typically do for a wholesale acct.,but this is such a sweet little deal-The Weathered Rose-a vintage/antique seller located in Washington State.I am so excited to have my soap available to the Pacific Northwest. The stamp is really quite perfect for her, and I just couldn't resist some sweet rose themed soaps. Each different variety has a sweet little rose stamp in common-love! I love that this vendor is very aware of supporting small business and was so patient and willing to do business with a "cottage industry"-it takes this kind of support to keep us up and running.

February 7, 2013

Giving The "Stink Eye" To Stink

Waiting to set up-natural deodorant

So, I haven't worn deodorant in years,err commercial deodorant that is- mostly due to all the controversy surrounding the chemicals that comprise commercial deodorant + making natural deodorant is cost effective and easy. I'm not a heavy hitter in the "sweat" department so, I can't really vouch for how effective it is for those that are, but do know it works splendidly for me in the area of stink. Today I made a small batch, and I thought I'd share the recipe with you.

Natural Deodorant

90 grams of Coconut Oil
1/4 cup of Arrowroot or Cornstarch
1/4 cup of Baking Soda
a few drops of essential oil of your choice-I used Tea Tree

*I've also heard of adding equal parts of Shea Butter/Coconut- if you are sensitive you might try adding some Shea to your recipe

Start by mixing your Baking Soda and Arrowroot together. I melt my Coconut Oil in the microwave. Stir the Coconut oil into the dry ingredients working out any clumps.Add in your essential oil-you only need a few drops-I like something very clean and antimicrobial such as Lavender, Rosemary or Tea Tree-but you could use what ever you prefer. I feel these eo's are especially purposeful in this application.

Pour mixture into a clean tin, glass jar or deodorant stick and you're done.

You only need to use a  pea sized amount and you're good for the day.

Some say that natural deodorant does not help in terms of perspiration, but others say they did see a reduction in perspiration after a few weeks. I am not a heavy hitter in this area, so it's hard for me to give a fair valuation of whether it has adequate anti perspiration properties, but what I do know is that it does give the "stink eye" to stink.

February 2, 2013

They're Baaaack-Solid Shampoo Rounds

Now Available for purchase! Rosemary-Mint shampoo rounds are now available-they smell fabulous and have the very slightest of refreshing tingle. I looooove them. I've made shampoo bars/rounds before,but hands down this is my favorite scent combination ever!!  Rosemary is touted for having many great benefits for hair and scalp and mint adds and extra fresh herbal punch. If  you'd like to purchase your own Rosemary-Mint shampoo round you may contact me via my Facebook page (and I will be happy to invoice you via PayPal) or soon I will have them listed on Etsy. Locally, they will make a debut at the March Downtown Art Market-Saturday, March 9,2013 from 9a.m.-3 p.m. If  you need one before them please contact me and I will get it to you. ;-)