August 31, 2013

A New LIttle Lemon Number

I'm working on a fun little wholesale acct. and I came up with a fun little tone on tone Lemon number. I used Annatto to get the darker yellow and the eo's created the paler yellow. I am loving the subtle tone on tone they created together. As of now the Lemon soap is a soap with no name-I'm looking for something having to do with nature and not a foodie name-any ideas would be much appreciated. the scent is definitely tart lemon as of now-I think it will settle out into something not quite as tart.

August 21, 2013

Here Comes The Sun

This morning I was up before the sun getting my walk in, and thinking about the soap I'll be making today. It's a great day for  making soap!!

August 18, 2013

The Threee Faces Of Paprika

Here are the results of my three Paprika experiments.

1) (Far Left) A bit of Paprika added to lye water gave me a muddy pumpkin pie type color that was okay, but not what I was looking for.

2) (Center)  Infused Paprika used at 100% of my OO. Very orange and bleeds actually much less than I thought it would, but does bleed slightly with very pale orange bubbles. (not a look I am going for)

3) (Far Right) Dialed back percentage per my batch and hoping it doesn't bleed. Honestly, I was loving the color pre gel-the perfect "happy orange" but was really expecting the more sweet potato coppery orange post gel. The disappointing thing is that this batch bleeds also meaning I will need to dial back even more. Apparently Paprika is potent stuff and a little goes a long way, so for me this means one more adjustment to achieve an orange that doesn't bleed.

August 15, 2013


So, as a rule I despise having my picture taken. I loathe it and avoid it at ALL costs. Today I got a wild hair and decided to let the dear daughter take some with my phone-you know for profile pictures and stuff and lo and behold she took a few that were actually quite good. So, for those of you who wonder what I look like-here ya go.

I think that this is a really good exercise for me because it is so incredibly uncomfortable for me. It hasn't always been, in the days before a few pounds and jowls, but now in general I go to great lengths to avoid having my picture taken. I'm trying to make peace with it and well, filters help. I'm really trying to wrap my brain around being curvaceous and not the thin gal of my youth. I'm trying to embrace a few wrinkles,extra chins, gray hair, and a changing body.

August 14, 2013

The PERFECT Orange

 Alas after much trial and error-The PERFECT orange.

After one more try, I think I've finally gotten to the right color. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Orange Clove 2.0 (from yesterday) will most likely bleed the color is just so saturated, and I think I'm even happier with this color.

It's important for the customer to see the effort that goes into researching and developing a product-it's not typically about just throwing a color in and hoping for the best. A lot of trial and error goes into getting color, technique and scent just right. It's about knowing what scents will accelerate your batch,what colorants are safe and friendly, preventing bleed,formula-so many factors play into a proper soap. It's safe to say a lot of care goes into a batch to ensure that the customer has a good experience with our product.

I guess some of you may be wondering where I am going with all of this. I am in the throws of developing a good solid line. Over the years I've spent much time self sabotaging my efforts(with the help of a couple of friends too), in the past I've had a consistent nagging that kept me from following through with things for one reason for another. I've been doing some work on that persistent and nagging negative voice, and now I'm getting ready for my debut. I am getting ready to take on the world. I have always been driven to equal some of my soaping heroines, and now I'm ready to "just do it." I'm on my way. I have a plan and I'm moving forward. These crazy experiments are not just because I'm killing time here. I'm ready to get out there.

August 13, 2013

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends....

 Paprika infusion after stick blending a bit, this usually tends to modify the color some as the lye is integrated into the batch-excuse the tungsten lighting(ugh!)

 Eureka! The color I've been after. I am over the moon to finally get this color-now if there is no bleeding my life will be complete-or close to it. lol! Orange Clove 2.0

I've been on a mission to get a "happy orange" and finally with some  help from the very gracious soaping community, I think that I may have found exactly the color I've been looking for. If you've  been following along my " quest for orange"it all started here, with a sampling of Annatto seeds that ultimately led me down that path of THE most beautiful yellow. (although since all of this, I have learned a new technique(again thanks to input from one of my soaping buddies) to try that will hopefully result in a perfectly lovely peachy orange-I just haven't tried it yet.)

The willingness to help each other out IS one of the BEST qualities of the soapmaking community. So refreshing, the willingness to share and offer up suggestions. I would like to give a shout out to my friend over at Minis Seifen for her suggestion to try Paprika-Wow! It's just beautifully orange. 

August 10, 2013


Ethereal Lavender swirls I'm trying out for a soap I'm dreaming up. Behind the scenes some changes are taking place that I think will be all for the good. The changes will take place over quite awhile so nothing will seem sudden or drastic. I'm kind of on the universal timeline with some things...sometimes things just happen in their own time I guess.

August 9, 2013

One Of The Girls

One of the three amiga's taking her siesta.

August 8, 2013

Switiching Gears

 Beautiful Cactus-one of my favorite photography subjects.

 Sweet white star shaped flowers..I love them.

 Passion Flower-such a curiously strange looking flower.

Yellow Zinnia-bright and happy.

So, after my epic soaping disaster/blooper outtake. My daughter and I went to lunch and decided to not go straight home. We went by a little garden where I like to photograph whatever is blooming. I didn't have the good camera, so I whipped out the phone. Wow! I'm impressed-it does a pretty good job. We both took a number of pictures and it was fun to come home and compare. 

I was glad to hang out with my girl on her last few days of summer. :-)

August 7, 2013

Epic Disaster

It was a day like any other, the grams were playing one too little, one too much- just before settling on just right. The colors were lovely and behaving nicely, my daughter was home to help me pour two colors in unison and all was well...until I picked the pvc up to give it a tap,tap,tap and (someone who shall remain nameless in order to protect the not so innocent) had not secured the bottom. Oh dear! I could have cried, but instead I chose to mark this moment in time with a soapmaking blooper shot,and after a few pics I proceeded to pic up my epic mess to see what I could salvage. Lesson learned-double check the security of your bottom cap and then check again. In the end, the daughter and I had a huge guffaw over the whole incident and decided to call it a day and go to lunch. THE END.

A Change Of Heart

Raspberry, lemon yellow and the palest of greens...

Sea Foam, pale green, violet, lemon yellow with a splash of raspberry...

Violet, Sea Foam and the perfect pale green....a cool soothing palette

For years I've been resistant to color other than clays,herbs or oxides. I really wanted to keep my product as close to natural as possible, and so color has been a bit of a conflict. Upon returning from the Conference in May, I decided to give color a whirl and as you can see I have been having an amazing time with color. Oh my gosh! I am loving micas they are too much fun.

 I've also had somewhat of a change of heart in terms of my soapmaking. I think that perhaps I was putting too many parameters on what I thought my soap should be, and I was really squelching the joy that IS soapmaking. I was taking it all way too seriously-I'm so glad I decided to add a little color to my life-what fun! Making soap should be ALL about fun-if it's not... relax and try a little color.

August 5, 2013

Follow Me

Can you believe that I finally got my very first smart phone? Sadly enough, up until now I've only had a very practical flip phone. I was quite content with it-it made calls and had a texting feature. I didn't really care if I had a smart  phone or not really,but now that  have one, I wonder where it's been all my life. lol! I can't tell you the fun I am having with it. Just this morning I walked and used the "stopwatch." Yay me! I didn't even have to have a full blown tutorial from my 13 year old. Anyway all this to say- now you can follow me on Instagram-hop on over and say "hey!"

August 3, 2013


Yep, I've been playing with color yet again. I had a disappointment that ultimately spurred me to work towards a baseline of all the micas I have. I should have done something like this in the beginning. duh! I'm doing each test with the same amount of mica mixed with a bit of water from my lye water in 16oz. batches to see if I then need to adjust color from there. The next step will be to cut and see if any of them bleed so that I can see if I need to adjust down a bit. I have a mini rainbow of colors that I will show you once I have them all soaped. I am love, love, loving this green.

Micas are a bit tricky because there are no definitive usage rates out there. It seems that learning them is sort of a trial by fire, but if you are persistent you will soon get the hang of them. I've also heard through the grapevine that Amy over at Great Cakes Soapworks is working on a video that addresses the proper use of micas- I can't wait, this is a gal that has lots of experience with micas and is sure to have lots of useful tips to share.

August 2, 2013

When Color Fades To Gray

This was baby blue

So disappointing, to have a pretty color and then poof just like that it's gone. It really didn't have  much with gel as the color was disappearing right before my eyes even before I could pour it up.This was a new mica that just didn't hold-too bad, they would've been so coastal like and pretty-now they're just a shadow of what was...oh well, they smell nice anyway and at least it's a pretty gray.