February 20, 2012

Making the Switch

Olive Oil and Goat's Milk Shave Soap- A soap for the purist; no scent and no color just plenty of enriching olive oil and goat’s milk - earthly delights that nourish and nurture all skin types.3.75 ounces $5.00

The final preparations are underway on the website updates-soon the new improved site will be live. You will notice a few things right off-all the photos have been updated, a Gift Set tab has been added, there will be an area for announcements such as sales, shipping announcements, upcoming events etc, along with a more colorful format matching the blog. It is my hope that within the week we will be making the switch.

Side note: at one point I fully intended to have photos done by a professional, but when I didn't receive all the images for whatever reason-I had to take a step back and take my own photos. While they may not be perfect from a professional photography standpoint, I'm pretty happy with them. All this to say-if you are thinking about having someone photograph your product because you think you can't, think twice. No one cares more about your image, your product and the look you are wanting to achieve than you do. The End

I would also like to say "Thank You-to infinity and beyond" to my husband for all his hours and hours of work on the website. I could never do it without your help and support.  xoxo


Jennifer Young said...

Hi!! Can't wait to see the new and improved website! Glad you mentioned the photos... I hadn't wanted to say anything but now that you brought it up... I liked your own photos better! I actually love your soap photos. I think you are very good at photography! xoxo Jen

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Jen,Thank you Jen. You are always just the sweetest. I'm not sure what the deal was with the photographer. I know that she is indeed capable of doing some beautiful work-but it was like she got overwhelmed by all the portrait work she started doing at the same time my job came up-or she just wasn't all that inspired to do it after all.So, I had to re-group and learn enough to do my own. I do see an improvement from a year or so ago-and from the standpoint of I want to photograph new products whenever I want to and for it all to have the same look it just makes sense to do my own.Also,being a micro business-it only makes sense from an expense standpoint as well.(although the deal with the photographer was a barter-her service for my product.)

I'm glad you like my photos because that's what I have to work with.lol! xoxo

The Soap Sister said...

Hi Michele, Your site looks great -love the new wallpaper! Your photos are always great, and you are spot on: no one cares more about our product photography than we do! You know you ALWAYS have my full support in any "tweaking" that you (or hubby)do! Hugs from IL ~Becky

Amy Warden said...

Agreed!! You definitely know your products better than anyone else. And you are a talented photographer as well!

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Becky and Amy, Awww, thanks guys. I've been a bit disappointed. I thought I had a great deal going and would have professional product photos,but it just didn't pan out.Initially I was sort of down about it all,but decided that I had too much into all of this not to see it through.I had to make the decision to go it on my own-in the end though I'm pretty happy with the results-even though they are not professionally done.