February 12, 2012

Snow Day Camera Play

You were probably expecting to see some snowy landscape, right? Instead, I was indoors playing with the camera while snowy drifts quietly accumulate outside. I''ve been trying to get the camera out several times a week. This is a newer camera, so I'm still trying to figure out settings and playing a bit with aperture/shutter speed and experimenting with backlight/frontlight for different effects.

This first example is an image that is backlit via my kitchen window-the lighting is naturally filtered through the snow clouds meaning it isn't too terribly harsh-a good day to take photos. I love this shot because you can see the lines that the cutter wires left behind due to the little bit of clay that is an ingredient in this shave soap. I think it's beautiful because it speaks of part of the handmade process of soap. I'm not sure what that very cool steel thing is that the soap is sitting on. I acquired it from a friend because I have a vision of turning into a very cool soap dish at some point. I want to say that it is a type of floral frog, but I'm not sure. If you have any idea please comment it would be cool to know for sure-it does have holes in it for perhaps stems or something it's steel and with a lip on one side, and flat on the other.

This next image is lit from the front-I was on the other side of the table with the light coming from the front of the image. The image is a bit darker and a bit more "moody"- I'm sometimes a fan of images that are slightly dark and moody. The trails from the cutter are no longer visible as the top of the soap is not as washed with light. I didn't document aperture-I had it set probably around 4.0 ish because I wanted to play with the slight bokeh in the background. I still have miles to go to be considered a moderately good photographer,but it's another journey that I'm thoroughly enjoying.

Which lighting do you like best and why? Just curious.


Jennifer Young said...

I LOVE the first image, the clarity and everything about it. I think you are an AWESOME photographer. Keep the different photos coming!!! xoxoo Jen

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Thanks so much Jen!You're always such a bright spot. ((()))

Briny Bar Soap said...

I like back lit soap photos more, but I think both ways of photographing have their value. I love the way the back light filters through the soap and shows the surface texture, it brings out the pure beauty and art of soap.

I think the other method kind of shows the viewer "this is how it will look in your bathroom with the shades down so no one sees you naked" look.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

"I think the other method kind of shows the viewer "this is how it will look in your bathroom with the shades down so no one sees you naked" look."

I srsly had to lol! You wacky girl.

Amy Warden said...

I like both. The first one has excellent contrast and texture. The second one does look more "real". Not sure if that's the right word or not?? Do keep playing. You are an excellent photographer!

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Amy,Thank you,I've sort of had an interest in photography for a long time,but it seems like when I fell for soap-it was then that I found inspiration.I see soap as such a beautiful art form and I hope that other people can see the beauty I see as well. Thanks again for your encouraging words.