February 21, 2012

Things I Love (A List)

Sometimes it's good to reflect- to take just a moment to think about the things you love.

Zinnias- in all their glorious colors.

Pussy willows.


The smell of a baby's head.

Puppy breath.

Moss covered tree trunks.


Moss covered rocks.

Peacock feathers.

My children.

Texas Hill Country.

Chili rellenos.

Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Fall leaves.


Christmas lights.

Pink grapefruit.

Fresh Vegetables.

Homegrown tomatoes.

Good times with friends.

My husband

Hot tea.


The smell of wood smoke coming off of chilled winter air.

Crocus and Daffodils-the harbingers of Spring.


Canadian Geese.


Wild Mustangs.

Folk Music.


Warm sun on my skin.

The bluest sky I've ever seen (Santa Fe/Albuquerque area of New Mexico.)

Prickly Pear Cactus.

Georgia O'Keeffe.

Orangina on a hot day.

Goat cheese.

Hand blown glass.

My husband's hands.

My mother.

Eating out on the porch at Village Pizza on a beautiful day with bumble bees buzzing around.

The smell of Downey fabric softener.


Handmade Soap.

The smell of unrefined beeswax.

Fresh Honey.

Fresh Rosemary.


Cold Dr. Pepper.



Quiet time to make soap.


What are some things you love? Add to the list in your comments.


innerearthsoaps said...

Reading. A warm cat on my lap on a cold night. Good quality chocolate. The smell of rain. My husband. :)

Jennifer Young said...

Moonrises over the Mediterranean... snuggling under the duvet on the pull-out couch on a Friday night with my husband and daughter watching a feel-good movie... home-made (not microwave) pop-corn with butter... visits from my parents... children's laughter... guitar... opening a soap mould, especially when a new soap... teddy bears... lavender...earl grey tea... hot baths with a good book... sunrises over the Mediterranean... xo

Tara said...

I love this list. My list would include the mole on my oldest son's finger that I kept mistaking for a splotch of dirt when he was a baby and the tiny freckles that are slowly appearing on the bridge of my youngest's nose.