September 8, 2012

A Few Words On Being a "Student of Your Own Success"

Part II-Reposition Yourself Living Life Without Limits-

I've always felt a little "less than" my peers who made their way through college, but on the other hand I'm not sure college was ever for me. These words speak volumes to me and acknowledge something I've always innately known-education is where you find it.

"education isn't always confined to the hallowed halls of esteemed learning institutions. We all must "get in where we fit in"(which interestingly enough, is an old African-American saying)and achieve education even if we have to inhale our learning from secondhand smoke. This is to say that if you can't go back to school to sharpen your skills, you can read the thoughts of those who do what you do. All universities are not made of stone nor are all teachers in front of chalkboards. Life is a school, books are an opportunity to sharpen our minds..."

This is exactly how I learned all I know about soap(and there is still so much to learn-I'll never know all there is.) There wasn't anyone locally to teach me(that I know of) and I had a rabid curiosity/passion for learning all that I could. I took matters into my own hands, and began reading everything I could find on soap. I spent countless hours on the internet reading forums, looking at the websites of the people I considered to be masters at what they do, I read all sorts of information about formulas, properties of oils, and troubleshooting(because inevitably if you make soap long enough strange things will happen.)

While much of my research was soap related I also researched packaging needs, marketing, website building, photography, copy writing etc. I found online mentors that I keep up with even now. I watch marketing trends, how they manage home and business, how they reposition themselves when they feel they are off the path of happiness and success. Much can be learned from reading and networking with others soap makers or like small businesses.All this to say-don't be disheartened if you haven't had the opportunity to grab that college degree-look around at other ways to gain knowledge in the area you are interested in. Read, scour the internet, collect a library of books that you can refer to,network with successful small business owners, surround yourself with people going in the direction you would like to be going in....and be tenacious.

I wouldn't say that my little business is a "huge success" yet, but the great thing is I do have the opportunity to reposition myself and my business to be better and better all the time. I can re-evaluate and seek out people who can serve as role models in areas that I need to work on, I can read, research and apply new techniques to bring weak areas up to thriving can you, it's possible!


The Soap Sister said...

Great post -I'm right there with you my friend. You've done AMAZING things with your soap and your brand! Always exciting to see what comes from Tierra Verde! Hugs to you. :)