September 5, 2012

I Wish, I'd Heard This Years Ago

My current read is Reposition Yourself Living Life Without Limits by T.D.Jakes, and it is eyeopening for me to say the least,so I'll be sharing bits and pieces of it as I go along-maybe it will help you too.

Yesterday, while sitting at the Jury Pool waiting to complete the jury selection process I read these words and they spoke to me-I wish someone had expressed this to me years ago, but also it is important to note that the premise of this book is that you can reposition your life at ANY age.

 " Take the wheel of our life now and go where you are meant to go rather than allow passengers-mothers, spouses,neighbors-to control your destination. Success is not achieving what someone else wants you to achieve. Success is discovering your gift and using it."

"A goal is to get what you see on the inside to happen on the outside. You will know you have it when there is no difference between what you see when you sleep and what you wake up to. In short, I am telling you it is possible to live your dream wide-awake. The distance between what you dream and what you see is achievable."


Michelle Somers said...

I love it and we used to watch T.D. Jakes all the time when he was on TV. We caught him a few times online as well and love his preaching. His type of preaching is rare.


Michelle Somers said...

Oh dear had a whole comment and lost it somehow. Anywho love this and love T.D. Jakes. Used to watch him when he was on TV and now his sermons are online which I catch sometimes. His style of preaching is rare and I never hear sermons like that anymore.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Michelle-he is sooo good. Not your typical sermon-he's very insightful and delivers his message so well. Love him!He does a streaming sermon on Sun. at 9:00 a.m. You can check by going the the Potters' House website.

TheSoapSister said...

Hi Michele, Hope you're doing well. Love that message! We're never too old to learn, are we? Now, if I can only REMEMBER it! ;)