October 11, 2012

A Word On Random Acts of Kindness

A word on random acts of kindness-never underestimate how a very small act can make a difference in someone's day.

So admittedly, I have had sort of an off day today. I let it get late before I decided to eat, so I went through the drive thru. I don't eat out often, so I figured I would "treat myself." I got up in the line to pay for my food, and the lady at the window gave me my food and said"it's free" I thought she was joking so I handed her my $$ and she gave it back saying, "no, it's free." It seems the man in front of me or inside at the counter paid for my meal. I have heard of random acts of kindness like this,but have never been on the receiving end. I am here to tell you it can turn around someone's whole day. Thank you sir whomever you are!! I will do my best to remember for a very long time how very nice it felt for a perfect stranger to do something like that. ;-))

It seems like such a small thing, but at that very moment today it just made my day. ;-)
If you'd like to read more about "kindness distribution" and it's affects check out Ben's Bells.


City Of Karis said...

Very cool! I love Lubbock Hospitality :)