October 25, 2012

Image From a Beautiful Fall Day

Obviously nothing at all to do with soap,but I just love this image so much that I wanted to share it. I took this a few days ago on one of those glorious days where you step outside and know that Fall is here.

"I just stepped outside to check the mail-the weather is gorgeous Fall is definitely in the air. The tree in my front yard is turning and dropping it's leaves-beautiful. On my way inside I noticed this perfect feather and a leaf from our tree-what a beautiful contrast. I wonder if it's a feather from the Dove that nested in our tree all summer?"


Natalia said...

Delicious Autumn!
Your pictures is so beautiful!

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Autumn is delicious. The light,the leaves,the temperatures, the crispness in the air,the Harvest moon,pumpkins,hot chocolate....I loooove Autumn.

St.Maja said...

I wish I could say I love the fall,as well,but I really don't. Instead,I love your beautiful picture and so vivid description of fall.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

I guess Fall is not suited to everyone.I could live in a perpetual state of Autumn-it's the perfect season-in fact I wish it were more pronounced where I live.

Thanks for stopping by-it's great to see new faces.