October 23, 2012

My New Favorite Acquisition

It was love at first sight-the very first time I saw this bowl on Etsy- I knew it had to be mine. I noticed it had been listed for quite some time, featured in many Treasuries, and favorited a ginormous amount of times. I cannot imagine why it had not been snatched up- I guess it was fate. I watched it for about 3 wks.- it was not really a necessity, but more of a desperate wanting. I tried to ignore it, to put it out of my mind, but I just knew it would look fabulous with a few soaps to fill it. Funnily enough, the more I tried to put it out of my mind the more it seemed to appear before me- the final straw was the night I popped onto Etsy and lo and behold it was on the front page. Okay, okay, I get it-that bowl and I were meant to be.

The bowl is a humble little vintage number, that to me, is perfect in every way-it's speckled glaze, it's coloration, it's texture, it's perfectly serendipitous drips, size, form-I'm in love! I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of this little number-after all we were meant to be.