May 23, 2013

A Field Trip To The North Carolina State Farmer's Market

Warning-this is a very pic heavy post and may take some time to load. If you aren't into the glorious beauty that IS the North Carolina State Farmer's Market you might want to skip this blog post. :-))

  Right off you are greeted by glorious fresh bouquets of flowers.

 Fresh produce of every kind is abundant at this fabulous market.

 Oh my! How beautiful are these tomatoes? Just look at those amazing cucumbers in the background.

 Flowers, herbs, veggie plants of all kinds are prolifically displayed at this Farmer's Market

 Mmmmm, herbs of all kinds-some I've never heard of.

 There's a wide assortment of hanging pots to add beauty to any space.

 Even more hanging beauty...

 I want one of each...

 Love the wee hanging air plants...

 LOOK at the Hydrangeas-AMAZING!

And happy colorful Zinnias make me smile.

Thursday was the first full day in North Carolina, and since it was a half day of workshops at the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild 2013 Conference thatI did not attend we(the Mister and I) went to the North Carolina State Farmer's Market.

I wish I could bottle up the sights and wonderful aroma of this glorious farmer's market. The wide array of colors overwhelm you as you make your way through the various aisles, the pleasant aroma of fresh strawberries and juicy ripe apples are soon replaced with the herbal freshness of rosemary and other herbs.

This farmer's market boasts "30,000 square feet for North Carolina farmers to sell fresh produce, plants, and other specialty items produced on local farms.  Plants are available starting in March and local fruits and vegetables are sold throughout the growing season.  This is where you can find the freshest and widest variety of produce and plants in the area."

You can find anything from seafood,meats,cheeses,wines,handcrafted soap,crafts,baked goods, plants, and of course fresh produce.  The farmer's market grounds also hosts three restaurants-one of which is the mainstay North Carolina Seafood Market-the servings are generous, hot and very tasty (I recommend the popcorn shrimp.) Also, remember this is the South where you will be offered "Sweet Tea" at every stop. 

If you're ever in the area I highly recommend a visit to the North Carolina State Farmer's Market.


Elaine Massad said...

Oh my I would never have wanted to leave. That's a gorgeous farmers market.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

I know I was ready to move there.Can you imagine the produce you could have all summer long.Heavenly!