May 11, 2013

Nature Walk

 Sweet little Apple Blossoms

I'm a bit unsure exactly what this is...could it be a Magnolia?

Just so pretty

The first nature walk of the season-a scouting trip actually. Just checking to see what is blooming- not a whole lot yet, but it won't be long. I love the anticipation of what will be in bloom the next time I make a trip out to the flower gardens. In the height of the season I try to go almost daily and I'm surprised to find something new almost every time. I love the familiarity of the garden it's like seeing old friends-even the hummingbird that sits atop the leafless tree is there this season. Some of the plants are new yet to be discovered by my camera and I, some things have yet to poke their sleepy heads from the comfort of fertile earth. I love how magical it is to witness the transformation from sprout, to bud, and finally majestic bloom.


Sonja said...

Great pic! The spring is my favorite season..

Caitlin - Revive Bath & Body said...

Looks like spring is in the air!


Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@Sonja-Thank you!Thanks for stopping by. Yes,Spring is finally making an appearance after several late freezes. Things are a bit late,but better late then never. ;-))

@Caitlin-hey chickadee,glad to have you stop by. Yes,Spring if finally in the air. ;-))

Donna said...

Your photos are exquisite! Wishing I had a beautiful flower garden to play in!

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Donna-thanks so much! Photography has become another little hobby type thing(particularly plants,flowers etc.)

I am really starting to get into herbs and things a bit,so will be trying my hand at growing a few.Wish them luck!lol!

I typically find places around town or where ever I visit to find some flowers etc. to photograph. :))