August 3, 2013


Yep, I've been playing with color yet again. I had a disappointment that ultimately spurred me to work towards a baseline of all the micas I have. I should have done something like this in the beginning. duh! I'm doing each test with the same amount of mica mixed with a bit of water from my lye water in 16oz. batches to see if I then need to adjust color from there. The next step will be to cut and see if any of them bleed so that I can see if I need to adjust down a bit. I have a mini rainbow of colors that I will show you once I have them all soaped. I am love, love, loving this green.

Micas are a bit tricky because there are no definitive usage rates out there. It seems that learning them is sort of a trial by fire, but if you are persistent you will soon get the hang of them. I've also heard through the grapevine that Amy over at Great Cakes Soapworks is working on a video that addresses the proper use of micas- I can't wait, this is a gal that has lots of experience with micas and is sure to have lots of useful tips to share.