July 5, 2011

Business Tip Tuesday-Seven Tips to Make Your Customers Love You

These days when every customer counts, what are some steps you can take to keep your customers in your corner ? Over the next 7 weeks I will post 7 ways to make your customers love you. Tip #5 Never Assume

Never assume. You may think you know what your customers want. A high percentage of new businesses fail because they try to create demand where there isn’t any. Test out your market and start small, build your product around the wants, needs and desires of your target market. A great way to test your market is to introduce your product to friends, while also working shows and markets to see how your product sells. Is there a good amount of repeat business, are you receiving wholesale inquiries? Listen closely to what customers tell you about your products, is there something you need to improve on, are they requesting a larger variety? Not only will you be able to get a better handle on your customers needs by listening to their input,but you will also be able to exceed their expectations creating a win/win situation for both customers and your business.


Michael R. Hughes said...

Hi Michele,

I could not agree more with your Tip #5 comments. From a Marketing/PR perspective, you really have to make sure you are meeting mutual desires--convincing consumers that they need your product, but also meeting their desires--their wants. It's not about what they should or what they might do, but truly honing and learning about your target markets and meeting mutual desires--yours and the consumer's.

I'm sure you do this Michele--regularly and through different mediums seek input and suggestions. Your blog and Facebook Page are ideally suited for this. Always be responsive to your customers' and consumers' questions comments--both positive and not positive, and be clear and transparent in your communication.

Thanks for initiating these 7 tips Michele!

Tara said...

Another great tip, Michele, and also great comments from Michael above. The customer's opinion has to be listened to and respected.