August 19, 2011

Beautiful Thing Friday

Dotted across the West Texas landscape are signs of life- even in drought conditions the Yucca stands a proud sentry over the flat arid plains. Many Yucca plants bear edible parts including fruits, seeds, flowers,flowering stems and more rarely roots.One type of Yucca is known as the "soaptree"-inside the stalk and roots of the plant is a soapy substance known as "saponin" commonly used as a substitute for soap. I'm sure that to the American Indians and pioneers the Yucca was a beautiful and welcome site-standing tall and proud against the horizon.


twobloomsdesignstudio said...

The Yucca soaptree sounds very interesting and I like the photo you posted.


Tara said...

What an unusual, pretty plant.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ twoblooms-Thanks!We have them dotted all around here-they are quite beautiful!

@ Tara,it is a neat plant-isn't it?