August 10, 2011

Refresh Mint Redo

Refresh Mint-Rustic and Clean 4.5 oz. $6.00

Refresh Mint-Feel refreshed with a perfect blend of cool clean Spearmint and Japanese Peppermint- this soap is brisk, fresh, and rejuvenating - a great choice for a morning wake up soap or as an end of the day pick me up. Unisex

I've decided to discontinue beveling my bars for a couple of reasons- 1)the customer get's a little more bang for their buck 2) the crisp edges fit my packaging much better. The result is a slightly more rustic look that I like-how about you?


innerearthsoaps said...

Yum! I love mint soaps.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

I love mint soaps too. Sometimes I think this one gets a bit overlooked by customers and it's too bad because it is really nice.

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

Your new soap looks wonderful. I have a beveller for my soaps but use in once in awhile because it's time consuming. Sometimes I just want a bar to have that something extra or I've made a bar much heavier in weight then I expected so I'll bevel it.


Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

I do really like a beveled look,but then again there is something about those sharp, crisp unused edges of a new bar I find hard to!