April 24, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

So, this past weekend (well part of Friday and Saturday to be exact) I attended a retreat intended specifically to provided tools for women and girls to assist them in leading a more congruent and empowered life.

One of the activities was yoga at sunrise. Yes, for those of you who know me it was pretty incredible that I was up that early, but boy am I glad I was. If you haven't taken the time to sit quietly (and seriously you could hear a pin drop amongst the chattering of birds, and the whinnying of horses-that's how amazing it was) you need to take the time out to do it you'll be glad you did. The location was outside of town in a slightly rolling, but open landscape where the horizon is 80% sky and 20% open plain, and just when you think the sun will never arrive you begin to see the first hint and then all too quickly the sun is up to announce a new day. What a sight, what an amazing experience-sitting in the chilled morning air a hot cup of tea in hand in bare feet so as to feel the earth beneath you. AMAZING! If you haven't taken the time to do this lately I highly recommend it. What a miracle that each day is new, a fresh new beginning, a "do over" if you will-a chance to move away from mistakes, bad days etc. or a vehicle to move towards goals and milestones.