April 13, 2012

Oh Bother..

It seems that my e-mail has been harvested by some sort of spam bot or individual who may use it for something less than admirable. I will be changing my e-mail ASAP. If you happen to get anything from a Tierra Verde e-mail please use caution opening any links. My contacts were not compromised-just my e-mail.
Thanks friends!


Lynda said...

Michele, change your email password and your problem should be solved ;) I had the same issue a few months back.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

We figured out what happened and nipped it in the bud.It's all good now.

Polly McNamara said...

I had this from a personal email account 2 weeks ago, and we've been away so I've not had a chance to sort it. It's awful isn't it? Glad you got yours sorted out xx