April 14, 2012


Balm -n-

  1. Something comforting or soothing.
  2. any of various oily, fragrant, resinous substances, often of medicinal value, exuding from certain plants, especially tropical trees of the genus  
  3. an aromatic or fragrant ointment.
 I spent the day  yesterday making hand balms-I couldn't help but think about how the the process is a sort of balm in itself. Slowly melting beeswax and oils over the double burner-taking in the rich organic smell of beeswax (one of my favorite all time smells) is heavenly. The translucent golden elixir of melted oils is beautiful to behold and then it only gets better with the addition of a beautiful essential oil supplied by nature. The combined scent of beeswax and lavender wafting in the air as I pour the beautiful mixture carefully into each mold-it is therapeutic.

The following is a pictorial tour of the process. Enjoy!

 Beeswax and oils melting

Beautiful melted beeswax and oils ready to pour into molds

 Translucent goodness

 The liquid changes from translucent to opaque as it cools

I pop them in the freezer for just a bit to get even more firm

Getting ready to add the balms to tins and apply labels

Beautiful balms in their tins

Labels are applied and each tin is awaiting a shrink wrap seal to finish them out


Soapchick said...

Absolutely stunning!
I love the molds and I too love the smell of melting beeswax, its very homely.

Gabbie said...

gorgeous stuff. LOVE your little tins, it is one of my 'things to do' to find tins like these (in Australia, and in a size that l like LOL)
I adore your label too. Know that someone LOVES your packaging and thinks it is perfect. l still can't open my soaps!

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Soapchick, Thank you! Beeswax is amazing isn't it?

@ Gabbie, Thank you! So glad you stopped by.I love the tins too.I hope you can find some there in Australia.Thank you for the label like too! You know how I feel about your amazing talent-I'm envious!

Anne-Marie said...

Those are absolutely beautiful balms!

john petter said...
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Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Anne-Marie,Thank you as always. I do love them,so simple yet beautiful, and so great for my hands too!