February 7, 2013

Giving The "Stink Eye" To Stink

Waiting to set up-natural deodorant

So, I haven't worn deodorant in years,err commercial deodorant that is- mostly due to all the controversy surrounding the chemicals that comprise commercial deodorant + making natural deodorant is cost effective and easy. I'm not a heavy hitter in the "sweat" department so, I can't really vouch for how effective it is for those that are, but do know it works splendidly for me in the area of stink. Today I made a small batch, and I thought I'd share the recipe with you.

Natural Deodorant

90 grams of Coconut Oil
1/4 cup of Arrowroot or Cornstarch
1/4 cup of Baking Soda
a few drops of essential oil of your choice-I used Tea Tree

*I've also heard of adding equal parts of Shea Butter/Coconut- if you are sensitive you might try adding some Shea to your recipe

Start by mixing your Baking Soda and Arrowroot together. I melt my Coconut Oil in the microwave. Stir the Coconut oil into the dry ingredients working out any clumps.Add in your essential oil-you only need a few drops-I like something very clean and antimicrobial such as Lavender, Rosemary or Tea Tree-but you could use what ever you prefer. I feel these eo's are especially purposeful in this application.

Pour mixture into a clean tin, glass jar or deodorant stick and you're done.

You only need to use a  pea sized amount and you're good for the day.

Some say that natural deodorant does not help in terms of perspiration, but others say they did see a reduction in perspiration after a few weeks. I am not a heavy hitter in this area, so it's hard for me to give a fair valuation of whether it has adequate anti perspiration properties, but what I do know is that it does give the "stink eye" to stink.


Caron. Michelle. Somers said...

Thanks for the post. I've made natural deodorant in the past and will have to try this recipe. A lot of people think natural deodorant will work like other major brands. I've been told the reason it doesn't stop sweat is because there is no aluminum in it and your body is naturally supposed to sweat.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Of course we are supposed to sweat.I mean we are made that way-makes perfect sense to me. The aluminum is one of the very ingredients that is so controversial-and because we don't know the true low down on it-I'd just rather avoid it.

Anne-Marie said...

What a great deodorant recipe! Thanks for sharing. =)

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@Anne-Marie-Your so welcome! I love easy cost effective recipes. It's so handy to have coconut oil on hand,I use it for so many things.