February 20, 2013

Shaving In Style

Handcrafted Bubinga Wood Shave Brush

Handcrafted Quilted Maple Shave Brush

We get asked if we offer wholesale on these gorgeous handcrafted shave brushes, and we do, however it is important to allow some time for your order to be completed. This is a part time endeavor for the Mister who also has a full time job-but I promise they are soooo worth the wait-his craftsmanship is second to none!!! Typical turn around is 1-2 weeks. Also, once the "exotics" we have in stock are gone we will be crafting only with American Hardwood that we know is sustainable. These would include so far the Quilted Maple, and Black Walnut that we have in  stock-we will be offering a wider range in the very near future.

I should all handcrafted shave brushes are crafted at the time of order. Each lovingly individually without the aid of a duplicator!! Each one is slightly idiosyncratic in a lovely handmade way, varying in size and form just a bit-no two are exactly alike. Love that!!

I also have to say that the Quilted Maple is so beautiful-it sort of thrills me to take a gander every now and then. ;-)