June 2, 2013

I Heart Soap

  Fresh Fir Needle

Look - "I heart soap"

Just playing-breaking some of my self imposed (anal)rules and what do you know...it was fun! For whatever reason I tend to be a bit of an uptight soaper- I take temps, I scrape every last bit of soap out of the bucket,I ponder over emulsification and trace, what colorants to use, what eo blend works with what colors...but then I got to watching other soapers (the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild Conference is a great place to observe other soapmakers in action) and realized that they just seem to fly by the seat of their pants. They make fabulous soap and yet it isn't a huge production with all kinds of pondering on the process. Hmmmm, I think I might need to pay heed  to that lesson-how about you?  What kind of soaper are you-it's all about fun and playing with scent and color-or very serious and calculating?