June 10, 2013



For today's batch, I was inspired by one of my favorite flowers... the Sunflower. Not far from my house in the late of summer the Sunflower fields are majestic-as far as the eye can see the Sunflowers hang their heavy heads while bees busily buzz from flower to flower.

Beautiful mossy green stems and leaves, cheerful gold petals,and a deep brown center.  I always thought that if a Sunflower had a pleasing scent it might smell like Lemongrass with a hint of Dark Patchouli...

I think I'll probably do some tweaking with things,but the idea is there and I'm liking the Sunflower "rough draft." They smell fantabulous too!


Anne-Marie said...

That soap is absolutely stunning! Even with the most natural and earthy of colors, you definitely captured sunshine and sunflowers in your design. Thanks for sharing! =)

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Anne-Marie-Thank you so much for always having an encouraging word!

I am pretty happy with how it came out overall. I may use Yellow Kaolin next time for a brighter yellow.