June 29, 2013


 I love how this one looks like it's had ink dropped on it's petals

 My favorite

 They are just as pretty from underneath

 The white one's are so clean and bright

 In real life these are very tiny and have such beautiful contrast

Some Orchids have very specialized means to ensuring pollination buy luring insects into the cupped petals located at the bottom of the bloom.

One of my favorite places I visited while on my road trip was the local botanical garden. This expansive botanical garden had an Orchid room. While many of the Orchids were not in bloom, it was so worth being able to see the ones that were. In the past, I haven't been a big fan of Orchids-I've always thought they were a bit fussy actually, but I have to say that now I think that if I had a place for them I might turn into the "kooky orchid lady" with an expansive epiphyte collection. They are so varied in their color and sizes, and all so exquisite in form-some plants have more singular blooms and some have dramatic sprays of colorful blooms.