July 21, 2013

Hand Balm Making

I spent the day today filling a somewhat generous order of hand balms. I don't really make them often and I had forgotten how much I love making them. I adore, and am somewhat addicted to the smell of beeswax. I love how it smells even better as it's slowly melting on the stove. I also love how hand balms are simple with just pure lovely ingredients that soothe and nurture your skin. I love the process of filling each small mold with the perfect gold elixir, letting them set and then popping them carefully out of their  molds, placing them in each cute little tin, cleaning the edges with care before applying lids-carefully labeling and then the final step of shrink wrapping each lovingly made little package. Ahhhh, so satisfying. 

I have 5 extra from a custom batch of Lemon Honey that I listed over on Etsy. Get them while they are hot... they won't last long.