July 15, 2013

Just A Small Batch

I just got in some new micas,and I'm experimenting with rate of usage. I tested one batch and completely lost the color, it seems different micas have a different rate at which they perform best-it pays to experiment a bit. This particular one is a bit darker in real life, pretty intense. I think it's one I'd like more as an accent than as the "body" of a soap-I think I would like it better if it were more pastel like perhaps. I'm looking for an "ocean" type color and I don't think this is it.

I love this little silicone mold from Bramble Berry it holds 1# of soap and being silicone the soap pops right out. Great mold for experimenting with new techniques and colors or for a small personal batch.


Anne-Marie said...

Gorgeous color, it's absolutely stunning! I really can't wait too see it cut. I'm so glad that you got a chance to use this cute little mold, isn't great for the smaller or test batches? =)

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Yes,yes,yes-this little mold is perfect for testing color/scent or for a small personal batch. I love it! Thank you Anne-Marie for such a fun product.