July 28, 2013

Hello Handsome!

Hello handsome!

The Mister recently made some shave brushes for a custom order, and sometimes the wood reveals a surprise inside. Now, some people might find this to be a flaw, but I consider it more of a "beauty mark." I love it, and think it gives this guy such a handsome character.  I have loved our adventure with wood, it's been an interesting lesson 1) the sticks of wood you start with are not a true indication of what's inside-the beauty is on the inside 2) Peeling away the outside layers, a little tlc and a nice polish brings out the innate beauty the wood had all along 3) what some might see as a small imperfection typically equals character, interest and beauty to a piece.


Anonymous said...

He is handsome! I think it is a beautiful mark. Every wood has its original texture and layers and that's what it makes beautiful :)

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Ayu-so glad you see it's beauty too!I am loving it and wish I could keep it myself,but ya know it has to go.