July 17, 2013

Orange? Part Two

Yes, I know this is NOT orange, but it is the loveliest pale yellow ever. I think I have a crush on it. lol! As you know, I 've been on a quest for the perfect "happy orange" for a particular soap I have in mind. This was the first experimental batch with my Annatto infusion. I used it at a rate of 1% and instead got this perfect yellow-I know it's far from orange,but my what a beautiful color. Sometimes not getting the color you're after is part of the journey. I know there are a few factors here-I clearly need to up my dilution, my base is an inexpensive single oil base that is VERY white. Next time I will up the Annatto-going more by sight instead of percentage to see what happens. What rate of dilution do YOU use to get to "orange?"


Jessie Y said...

Beautiful color. It reminds me of a light citrus sorbet, yum!!