September 25, 2013

That's A Wrap

I spent a good part of the day yesterday printing and wrapping soap for a nice wholesale order that graciously took a big part of my inventory off of my hands. Some might call that wonderful timing, I call it AMAZING GRACE. How great it feels to have a few $$ coming my way, and to be able to begin making new product all over again. What a blessing!!


Jojoka said...

Fantastic! Go, go, go!

Lindsey @ Bear Soap said...

I LOVE your packaging! Would you do a fellow soaper a solid and tell me what type of paper you are using to wrap it in? I have tried everything and am getting ready to use coffee filters if I don't find a nice kind of pliable paper to wrap my shampoo bars in!!
I actually want it in white. My labels for my bar soaps are wrapped vertically in paper and stamped with my logo, but the shampoo bars are round and I'm just wanting to have a more cohesive look to them all...
Any direction is much appreciated! By the way - LOVE the round coffee soaps. The yellow and brown are very Halloweeny.