June 25, 2011

A Virtual Fieldtrip to Wildseed Farms-Fredericksburg, Texas

Yellow Cosmos

Indigenous Prickly Pear-a huge and beautiful mass

Prickly pear lend themselves nicely to a piece of prickly pear sculpture

 A peck of peppers - aren't they pretty?

 More peppers-in vibrant red

Water lily at the water feature section of Wildseed Farms

 A  rock planter filled with a complementary chartreuse planting.

 Spectacularly colorful field of Zinnias

 Dark Pink Cosmos

To compliment my love of soap I have an interest in plants(mostly herbs) as well. So, when we decided to take a quickie trip to Fredericksburg, Texas I had to fit in a visit to Wildseed Farms. Wildseed Farms is the largest working wildseed farm in the U.S. The farm has over 200 acres of cultivated acreage at it's Hill Country Headquarters. Along with breathtaking fields of wild flowers Wild Seed Farms boasts several other attractions that make it a great place to spend an afternoon. The Market Center houses all kinds of gifts and edible goodies and it's a beautiful building featuring construction of limestone and Eastern cedar. The meadows are fields of wildflowers perfect for photo ops(so don't forget your camera)and the butterfly garden is a habitat that attracts,protects and nourishes butterflies throughout their growth cycle.The pottery and plant nursery boasts a variety of whimsical pottery, sculptures, wind chimes and all things that add color and interest to your garden-and finally when you've seen it all(and you're hot a sticky.) Don't forget to take a load off at the "Brewbonnet Biergarten" where you can find a bite to eat and a cold beer. Sounds like a great afternoon huh?


Coco said...

Lovely spot! I remember the beautiful wildflowers along Texas highways when I was going to grad school (Hook ´em!). Good for Ladybird, I say.

Tara said...

Those fields of flowers are beautiful. Thanks for the tour, Michele. It sounds like a perfect way to spend the afternoon.