November 17, 2012

Change Is A Good Thing

Green Earth Gardener's Soap-3.75oz. $5.50

I've been working on converting my line over to the round format, and I have to say I am very pleased with rounds. I like them more and more-they feel like such a good "fit" for me. I love how the Green Earth Gardener's Soaps looks in the round-there's something just a bit more pleasing about them. Change is indeed a good thing. (You can still buy Green Earth Gardener's Soap in the bar if you prefer for a limited time-until they're gone.)

While the shape is different the formula is exactly the same-

This soap represents a trinity of qualities perfect for use on hardworking hands. First off, our olive oil enriched soap provides a nourishing foundation for the three herbal essential oils that clean and freshen while lastly a bit of pumice and rice hulls perform the function of gently scrubbing away tough dirt.

This is the perfect soap for ceramicists, gardeners, mechanics and others who need a soap that gently scrubs away tough dirt and grime while a fresh rosemary mint scent leaves hands smelling clean and fresh. So don’t be afraid to dig in and get those hands dirty


Anne-Marie said...

I think round bar soaps are just so pretty and I'm glad you found a format of soap that works so well for you! :)