November 24, 2012

White-A Delicate Balance

I'm always experimenting with different product shots-always. Most typically I'm drawn to product shots that have much contrast and mood to them. I'm not a big fan of the product image standard with a white background. I know the theory is that white makes the colors and image "pop" by providing the most contrast. The above image is nice, and the background is even a nice clean white that doesn't lean too much to gray,however in my experience with white backgrounds- they are a bit "persnickety." White can be beautiful, if you can get a nice warmish white as opposed to a grayish white. White is difficult in terms of consistency too, for example if you were to take several images with white backgrounds to put on your Etsy shop,it's quite possible your backgrounds could run the gamut of white from warm to cool-this could spell disaster for your shop.

I think "white" backgrounds are best left to someone that has a very, very good grasp of their camera,as for me-I think I'll stick with something other than white for now.


Donna OShaughnessy said...

My niece just made me my first photo box and I chose all black for the reasons you just mentioned, If it doesn't work well for my soaps I'll just use it to take pics of our baby pigs we sell!

Anne-Marie said...

I think this photo and all your other shots really just make your soap and products pop! You do such a great job in communicating your brand through your photography and I always enjoy coming and seeing your newest blog posts!

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Donna-Yay!a photo box.The photo box was an epic fail for me.I just couldn't make things look right. I'm sure you'll master it in no time.

@ Anne-Marie-First off Congrats on the new Bramble bump.Maybe Jamison will get a sister.;-)

Thank you so much for your kind words regarding my photos-it means the world to me. I try very hard to portray a certain image (branding)with my photos.I do love the white background too,but haven't mastered white balance yet.