November 12, 2012

Private Labels

I have family members with the last name Seal and for several years they have had a running Christmas card with a Seal theme-this year they purchased some handmade soap to give to friends and neighbors.

Often we associate "private label" with another business that wants to sell a product as theirs,but what about a personalized "private label?" Custom handmade soap is such a fun gift for teachers, Bunco groups, HOA parties, church Christmas parties,employee Christmas parties, or any event that you might want to give something a bit more personal and memorable. It's not too late to get in your order for a custom "private label" if you do so immediately(if you're wanting it by the middle of Dec.)


Topcat said...

I like that idea and I don't know why I have never thought to do it! Definitely going to make up some personalised labels for my hand made gifts this year - thank you xx

AYU said...

I always adore your photos of your soaps and wrappings! Beautiful! :)

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@Topcat-I really never thought to do personalized labels either,but they are a GREAT idea. I will certainly remember to remind people that they can be done from time to time.They really are fun!

@ AYU-I keep an eye on all your product as it is AMAZINGLY beautiful and so your own. I am honored that you like my photos and wrappings. Thank you!