November 15, 2012

I'm Still A Nerd

Lemongrass with Calendula

So, I know we've had this conversation before about what a soap nerd I am. I love soap as much today as I did several years ago when I started making it-maybe even more. It's still somehow magical when a batch comes out just right-no matter how many times I've made it. Take for example, this freshly cut batch of Lemongrass with Calendula sitting in a dappling of morning sun.  I love the sunny yellow color and the sprinkling of happy Calendula petals dancing throughout the batch. The aroma of Lemongrass is perfect anytime of year-always seems to pick me right up. Yep, there's no doubt I'm still a nerd.

Oh, and just because I am a huge nerd, and think soap is beautiful + have a photography itch to scratch too-here's another bonus pic. from the other day.



St.Maja said...

Beautiful photos,indeed! And the soaps,simple,clean and neat!

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@St.Maja-Thank you! I fought simple for a long time-so many others out there have such great color with swirls,layers and embeds, but in the end I find that simple is just really what appeals to me.