January 30, 2013

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...

Anniversary flowers-it's been 22 years...

I think there have been times over 22 years when the Mr. has felt like-"he loves me, he loves me not." I mean it has been over 22 years since we met,tied the knot, and raised two kids (oh wait, we're still raising one.)

Coming from a fractured home I've never been really sure about how married people were supposed to work out differences-it seems that marriage is such a "disposable" commodity in this day and time. I can say with much certainty that 22 years with someone is a looooong time, there have been many, many good times, and many times of testing and doubt. There have been times when it seemed that the "grass may be greener on the other side" for both of us... but somewhere deep down we both knew that was just a mirage, a farce,  and most probably not reality. The great thing about 22 + years is that we do know we have what it takes to stick it out, we have each others back, we don't want to "date" again or break in a new significant other, we are truly "best friends",  we are very aware of each others flaws and gifts. We offset each other in a very interesting and workable way.  After 22 + years we have history-a bond that no one can ever obtain without doing the time.

Thank you so much for choosing to spend a quarter of a century with me dear-for two great kids, a roof over my head, good times,challenging times, fun times, great times, for loving me on my best days, and my worst days... I love you!