January 21, 2013

Mmmmm Mojito

"Mojito"-3.75oz. round-$5.50

Mmmmmmm, "Mojito"  sweet minty Spearmint melds perfectly with a refreshing splash of lime ( lime is from Bramble Berry-psst,did you know they carry essential oils now? I didn't know until just recently, I can tell you the Lime and Tea Tree are fab.) Cool, refreshing perfect for the Spring/Summer line up. These will be available for Spring/Summer market.

I couldn't help myself I was just drawn to working with a bit of color. Green comes from a wee bit of green oxide that I have had forever-I seldom use color if it's not a clay,but green is one of those colors that's hard to get otherwise. I wanted something that was whimsical and fresh, and this fits the bill with it's fun playful swirl in green and white.


Diva Soap said...

Lovely,both the colours and the swirl. The scent so fits the soap design!

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Diva Soap-Thank you! I originally had in mind for the green to have a bit more pop, but now that I've gotten past that I'm liking that minty green. Thanks for stopping by, it's always so great to see new faces.